Bluphin-Logo-W-Slogan-V2-Blue-51-0-153.png is a premium laptop repair service focused on what actually works for the customer. With a process in place designed for what makes customers happy, we care about making your life easy, not just fixing your laptop. We work tirelessly on laptops so you can work effortlessly on them. is The Way Laptop Repair Should Be.

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Aspiring B-Corp - Sustainability is key

We have based this business on B-Corp standards and what we call "7 Generations."  If what we are doing isn’t helping the next 7 generations, we aren't doing it right.  From lanfill free recycling of all electronics to sustainable employee pay and benefits, we based this business on quality of life for all.




Always Free Shipping

We provide laptop repair via free shipping to and from the customers door, eliminating as much hassle as is humanly possible.



Born out of the human i.t. crew started as a division of the Human I.T. Crew, a local I.T. repair and consulting firm in Cleveland and Washington D.C. helping consumers and businesses alike.  It was clear that existing services for laptop repiar just didn't stack up and didn't effectively serve customers - So we created our own.  

The Headshot Project

Finding a job is hard enough for civilians in perfect scenarios. 

The Headshot Project aims to assist Veterans with

  • Professional LinkedIn Profile headshots, profile building

  • resume building

  • interview training

  • improved access to mental health services


We aim to dramatically accelerate the process of veterans

finding their second careers after tours of duty.


Would you like to help? 

Think Up to the task?

Signup below to join in helping our veterans


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Changing the face of the "IT GUY" -FOREVER.

The Human I.T. Crew started based on a simple need, and a major problem.  The need was functional I.T. help.  The problem was current services failing to identify the real issues at hand and being too expensive for non-profits and students.  Human I.T. Crew started from that need for real help that provided a 360-degree solution to hardware, software, and other tech related problems that is affordable for all.

Where the social comes in

When family and friends would ask for help, I would often be refered to local non-profits and students.  The catch was finding a way to provide quality services and hardware within their budgets.  Finding a way to provide services to those in need lead to the creation of The Human I.T. Crew.  The principle of Human I.T. Crew is using the profits from IT service and repair to provide the support that local non-profits and students need - even if they cant afford it.  

So what we said to ourselves was simple...

  1. We need to leave every single customer feeling as if they have a partner on their side, there stress is gone, their problem is resolved, and that they learned something helpful going forward.
  2. We must provide a culture of can-do happiness for customers and employees alike.  What good is focusing on customer happiness, if employee families and employees themselves aren't just as happy?  
  3. We must focus our efforts in such a way that we can provide a significant portion of profits and labor hours to those in need; the non-profits, the unemployed job hunters, the students, the low-income.

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