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"I did x (what you accomplished), relative to y (compared to what the company had or market baseline) by doing z (the how)"




Operations Management

  • Implemented company wide LED lighting program at Ernest Maier, Inc, Led the project of replacing interior and exterior fixtures and bulbs with modern LED fixtures in conjunction with State of Maryland grant and rebate programs, including office install logistics and sub-contractor management.
  • Lead programs to identify and repair key liability centers in corporate infrastructure and manage improvements, including budgeting for repairs, and project management of identified challenges - Preventing reactive expenditures.  










  • Led creation and/or re-design of 8 company brand websites at Ernest Maier, Inc. including groups handling new artwork schemes, layouts, ad copy, and SEO implementation.
  • Website design + Development + Management.
  • From concept to established brand.
  • Email + Radio + Adwords/Search + Local Listings.





Finance & Accounting

  • Reduced inventory markdowns and losses by 92% through Inventory accounting and handling improvement projects utilizing process changes and employee education.
  • Cost analysis from products to processes.
  • Budgeting for a multitude of project types in multiple departments including marketing, operations, facilities improvements, accounting system implementations, and more.        
  • IT budget restructuring from company-wide IT budgets to department specific budget and cost analysis programs.  Decreased overall IT spending by holding individual departments accountable for their overall, and IT specific budgets.    




ERP/CRM Systems Analysis & Implementations

  • Ability to bring technology and systems into terms users can genuinely understand through one on one and group training, specifically tailored to each individual task, department, and user need.




  • Network infrastructure expansions from 25 connected devices to over 150, including upgrades and expansions of existing network hardware, bringing new company locations online, and expanding available network bandwidth.
  • Created company wide programs to decrease workstation repair turn times from 1-2 weeks to under 36 hours (one weekend)  for major repairs, including implementing loaner workstation availability for varying departments.
  • Implemented hardware and workstation maintenance programs in conjunction with employee education programs decreasing support requests by half over a one year period.
  • Live data backup implementations + Data security + Data handling protocols.